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About DSL in general

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) as a technology for bringing high-bandwidth information to homes and businesses over the same copper as telephone lines. DSL allows you to connect to your ISP (internet service provider) at speeds that are much faster than those achieved using 56k analog modems.

How it Works

Traditional phone service signal was created to let you exchange voice information. This type of signal is called an analog signal. DSL instead either rides on the same wire as a phone conversation simultaneously, as in ADSL, or the copper is only connected to special hardware at the phone company called a DSLAM which is mumbo jumbo for a way to run digital information back to your ISP, Freese-Notis. The data then is brought via ATM (Asynchronous Transport Mode) in tiny packets from your DSL connection through to our data center across from the governors mansion via high capacity fiber optic cabling.

What is ADSL?

Asymmetrical digital subscriber line. A very fast download and quite fast upload digital service used with the Internet or private networks. ADSL is the lowest cost DSL and runs at the same time as phone conversations do to let you be on the Internet surfing and talking at the same exact time. You will need a qualified phone number to run this service. You must have local phone service running through copper wires to get ADSL.

What does that mean?

Originally it meant a dry copper pair of wiring (Dry Signal Line) and now commonly is considered digital subscriber line. This broadband connection uses the space for signals outside of the voice range to carry signals back to the network. Many cases are for 256K (kilobits) upload speed and 640k (kilobits) download. This 256k speed upload is key to the advantage of ADSL compared to competing broadband offerings which run at half of this speed.

Where is ADSL available?

Freese-Notis Global Internet ADSL now serves: Des Moines metro, Ankeny, Ames plus in 2003, Altoona Boone, Marshalltown and Mason City.

How much is ADSL installation and monthly fees?

The following is a guide for estimation only and subject to availability and conditions.

Typically promotions and various special offers may reduce your cost significantly, so please call us in this regard.

DSL Pro Package Services - (ADSL)
Bandwith Upstream
download speed much higher!
Qwest (formerly US West) Freese-Notis Total
One Time Connection Setup Fee $99.00 $25.00 $124.00
256k Select Monthly $21.95 $20.00 $41.95
265k Deluxe Monthly $31.95 $25.00 $51.95
256/640k Pro Deluxe Monthly $55.00 $25.00 $80.00
640k DSL Pro 640 Monthly $66.00 $45.00 $111.00
1mb DSL Pro 1M/1M Monthly $88.00 $100.00 $188.00
4mb DSL Pro 4M/1M Monthly $165.00 $290.00 $455.00
7mb DSL Pro 7M/1M Monthly $275.00 $490.00 $765.00
* Subject to availability and conditions plus applicable taxes

Additional IP block pricing for larger networks.

ADSL Availability

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